All-time favourite Barbie continues impressing! A timeless classic doll that keeps track of its time and transforms with the latest trends. She can be a firefighter or a reporter – you decide, because like Barbies says everything is possible!

The world’s most famous fashion doll, Barbie, was first introduced to the public in 1959. Over the years, Barbie has worked in a variety of occupations, pursued a variety of activities, cared for her animals, and had fun with her friends. Anything is possible in Barbie’s world, and this idea is also transmitted to the playground, accompanied by a pink-colored dream and boundless imagination. Because of her versatility, Barbie deserves a place as a favourite toy and collectible treasure in children’s room.


Product lines

♥ Space Explorer

♥ Dreamtopia

♥ I can be anything

♥ Fashion and beauty

♥ Family

♥ Estate

With Barbie you can get familiar with many careers through play. Barbie is known of her many careers and she will delight us with more careers in the future too. Career Doll’s uniform and career related details and accessories helps child to find one’s own dream career.

Barbie Color Reveal is finally here! Barbie Color Reveal, which has been successful worldwide, has finally landed in Finland! Barbie surprises you – many times. Wash off the paint with warm water. Washing the doll with cold water reveals its face and hair. From blind bags you will find Barbie’s wig, skirt and shoes. There are several different types of dolls – which one will you get?

Familiar characters from Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures -Netflix series are now available as Barbie dolls. Adventures Dolls and helicopters are all sold separately. Availability may vary.

Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid – lovely mermaid brings a pinch of magic to your play. Dip mermaid’s tail into water or push a button and its tail will light up and move. Mermaid has a beautiful tiara, long hair and its translucent tail has beautiful patterns. Barbie – you can be anything!