Galaxy’s nasty slimy Grungies are even crazier now! They are not spoiled by beauty, but that is what makes them irresistible. Shoot the sticky Slime on a window or wall and it will stick! Sticky Grungies stick to a window or a wall and a tough guy is just… yucky. In the astonishing universe has everything to attract you; slimy characters, mucus and slime weapons! Several different products.

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Grungies Family package
They are ugly and pretty gross and that’s what makes them irresistible! Family package contains three hard and two sticky figures, a big launcher and two surprise accessories. With this equipment you are ready to begin the most funniest play in the world of Grungies.

Grungies Sewer Case
A handy carry along case opens up to a sewer playset, where you can go down on a slide by car and bounce figures into the air.