Harry Potter

This range is guaranteed to suit for a small Potter fan! The world-famous wizard Harry Potter and other characters have returned as we remember them from the movies.

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Harry Potter Fashion Dolls
With kids’ favourite Harry Potter-themed dolls, you can arrange a fast-paced and slightly dangerous Quidditch game, wearing a Gryffindor suit and a magic wand in hand to savage the Hogwarts school life or immerse yourself in the three-wizard tournament with Harry Potter and friends. With these wizards, anything is possible – just like in magic!

Harry Potter Collectibles
Everyone knows Harry Potter, his friends and his enemies. These detailed figures will take you to the exciting world of Magic!

Harry Potter Charms Collectibles Blind Bag
The most famous wizard Harry Potter and his company has turned into fun little figures. A surprise bag hides one figure inside – which magical figure it will be?

Harry Potter Puzzles
Clementoni Puzzles are famous of their stunning pictures and perfectly fitting pieces as well as high quality materials. There is 1000 pieces in both Harry Potter Panorama and Impossible puzzles.