Hot Wheels

For more than 50 years, Hot Wheels cars have driven into the hearts of small drivers. The range of small cars made of metal and plastic includes accurate miniatures of real cars and imaginative vehicles, such as Monster Jam, Star Wars and Batman. A whole world full of speed and wild situations is built around cars with different track sections and play sets.

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Hot Wheels Monster Action Sharkruiser
The Hot Wheels Sharkruiser racing is guaranteed to be the wildest revelation in the small car world. The racer has light and sound effects and the engine is gaining force. Let’s go!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks
And Hot Wheels monster car shoots off the road! The beautifully decorated car has large wheels and a strong friction engine that makes this car unstoppable!

Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Loop Kicker
By combining Track Builder parts, you build an unlimited variety of track combinations. The adjustable cornering section adds a U-turn or a gentler curve to your track and makes car play even more fun.