Smash! Welcome to the SMASHERS world where crushing never ends! What does Smashball contain? Throw them, crush them and be surprised! With over 100 fun figures, you assemble your own speedy gang to compete against your friends.

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Smash! Break the dinosaur egg and you will find zombiedino, mutantdino, robotdino or one dino from over 100 different kinds of figures. Just build dinoegg again and continue playing… Amazing mashers Epic Dino Egg will take you to the era of dinosaur. Dig up fossil parts from sand, putty, slime and rock and build your own fantastic dino fossil.

Smashers Dino Ice Age Giant and Small Surprise Egg
This frosty Smashers Dino Ice Age- surprise egg will take you straight to the Ice age! Dig up parts of a fossil from a mass (slime, putty and sand) and assemble a glacial dinosaur. Do you choose the giant or small surprise egg?
Available in Autumn 2020.

Smashers Dino Ice Age Playset
Yikes! Famished Ice Rex Dinosaur eats and smashes dinosaur eggs loudly roaring. Playset includes Ice Rex Dinosaur, two Smashers figures and a nest for egg.
Available in Autumn 2020.