Spirit – Untamed

Lucky and her best friend Spirit are inseparable. Lucky is a spunky ex-city girl who meets an adventurous and loyal wild horse in a small town. The beautiful friendship changes Lucky’s life for good. Meet the other characters, Abigail and Pru, who loves to take care of their magnificent horses. These dolls and equipment are familiar from the movie so you can re-live their adventures!

The Spirit Untamed collection includes many lovely characters from Netflix TV series and upcoming feature film.

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Ride to the new and wild adventures with these lovely figures! Package contains a horse, doll and accessories. Three different partners: Spirit & Lucky, Pru & Chica Linda and Abigail & Boomerang.

Experience the wild and lovely moments of the Spirit movie over and over again. Playsets contains accessories familiar from the movie which enables you to build your own adventures and take care of your horses.