VIP Pets

What a hair these little pets have! Now let’s take care of them and make the most amazing hairstyles possible. Each VIP Pets is different and unique. VIP Pets are best friends and has fun together in the beauty salon, while taking care of their appearance.

From the Kitoons Suomi YouTube channel you will find kid-friendly VIP Pets videos and many exciting adventures in Finnish. Step in to the Kitoons Suomi -world and let the fun begin with your favourite toy characters! New video almost every week!

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VIP Pets
VIP Pets love fashion and beautiful things. Everyone has their own style and long hair on which you can comb wonderful hairstyles. Wash your new friend and reveal its secrets. The surprise pack includes a dog and six supplies.

VIP Pets Hair Salon Playset
Now let’s play and dress up! At the hair salon, your pet gets rainbow stripes and glitter in their hair. The set includes hairdressing parts, a Kiara dog and accessories for both the dog and the player.

These pets with fabulous hairstyles like to go out to see shows and concerts, skateboard, and other fun places. Fabio & Fabia’s hair salon is the place to go when you need a new stunning look for your hair. Hop on and join the fun adventures of VIP Pets!